Final Fantasy XIV: The adventure so far.


Back in 2010, Final Fantasy XIV was released onto the PC. In the shadow of its predecessor, Final Fantasy XI, fans had very high expectations and were thoroughly disappointed with the product. Causing the developers to do something very clever. Kill the game, spectacularly, and use the cataclysm to set the scene for an improved title. Hence came Final Fantasy XIV 2.0, more commonly known as A Realm Reborn, released in 2013 and to this day stands as on of the best MMO experiences available. Continue reading

Flying Witch

flying Witch is possibly the best iyashiki (healing) anime ever made. If you love Aria and Non Non Biyori. , then this is a must-see series. Flying Witch stands out because it has fantasy elements, yet it doesn’t heavily rely on it to drive the story. Every moment of every episode unfolds naturally and organically; there’s a very subtle but unmistakable message that humans (witches or otherwise) are truly inseparable from the earth, plants, the wind, and sky. There’s no overt conflict, no overly energetic comedy bits, and really no plot. I have no idea how an entire episode dedicated to the coming of spring, taking a few walks, and picking fresh wildflower buds for tempura can be utterly captivating, but that’s why Flying Witch is so magical.
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