Flying Witch

flying Witch is possibly the best iyashiki (healing) anime ever made. If you love Aria and Non Non Biyori. , then this is a must-see series. Flying Witch stands out because it has fantasy elements, yet it doesn’t heavily rely on it to drive the story. Every moment of every episode unfolds naturally and organically; there’s a very subtle but unmistakable message that humans (witches or otherwise) are truly inseparable from the earth, plants, the wind, and sky. There’s no overt conflict, no overly energetic comedy bits, and really no plot. I have no idea how an entire episode dedicated to the coming of spring, taking a few walks, and picking fresh wildflower buds for tempura can be utterly captivating, but that’s why Flying Witch is so magical.

One thing that’s particularly refreshing is that all the characters, even ones from the magical world, are portrayed in a very realistic manner. Instead of relying on eccentric behaviour to drive the story, the show just lets people be themselves. This is particularly important for the character of Chinatsu, a grade-school girl who’s the younger cousin of Makoto( the main witch of the series). Chinatsu reactions and curiosity about the magical world is fucking adorable. She reacts just like a normal kid, and she doesn’t have any weird characteristics makes her adorable.

Similarly, Chito, Makoto’s cat and familiar, actually acts and is animated like a real cat. Chito can be lazy, likes taunting the neighbourhood dog, and goes on inscrutable adventures that only another cat could truly understand. It is really funny that only the witches can understand the familiars, and then be having to translate this to the normals. I was trying to guess their conversations through the show.

Generosity is perhaps the best word to describe Flying Witch. One can’t help but notice the small kindnesses that every episode contains. Whether it’s helping out with simple household chores, ensuring that a caterpillar finds a safe spot to feed on fresh leaves, or keeping a new friend company while she runs errands. Watching this as the real world faces challenges filled me with a sense of hope and faith that it is still good in the world. It can be accomplished through the way we live our lives.

Flying Witch is a moment of utter serenity in the frenetic world of anime, and its real magic is in giving its viewers the chance to reflect on the smallest moments in daily life and realise that those can be the most enchanting of all.

2 thoughts on “Flying Witch

  1. This sounds like such a serene anime. I had been meaning to watch for some time, but I think I’ll have to move this series up on my list. With all the negativity in the world it would be good to see something like this again.

    This was very nicely written. Great review!

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