Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin

This anime was actually quite the surprise where it was presented at first as a typical battle harem anime, but instead brought us an anime about tactical warfare and two rather unique main characters.

Ikta is forced to be in the army after an incident where he wanted to have a more relaxing life and commonly disobeys the higher ups (or be smarter than them in general), he is by all accounts a genius tactician but wants to use the easiest or the most peaceful way to resolve things…sure he’s a womanizer typical of the battle harem anime, but this really isn’t a battle harem anime. As for Yatorishino, she is more or less the main heroine of this anime and is the “OP class character”, but she develops as to why she has her deadpanned and loyal behaviour to both the Empire and Ikta.

Haru is one of the main characters of the series and a fellow officer cadet that they meet at the academy that they later befriend. Haru is kind and caring nature being the eldest daughter of her family.
Due to her beauty, Haru is often hit on by Ikta who think that she is beautiful.

Torway is a fellow cadet and later friend that Ikta and company met as travelled to the school in the first episode. Torway comes from a military family like Yatori but is viewed with disdain by other members of his house due to his usage of an air rifle over conventional weapons like swords.

Matthew was a great character that knew that he was not as good as Ikta or Yatori but nonetheless still tried to improve himself and be useful to his friends and comrades. What can I say? It’s not terrific, nor experimental, but it’s clear and crisp. Nothing to wow over, but nothing to complain over either.

Princess Chamille is the third princess of the imperial family that rules the kingdom that Ikta and co currently live in. Despite being only 11 at the time of the series Chamille were classmates of Solok and company at the academy mostly due to her attraction with Solok. Despite her young age she is rather deceptive
as she is willing to destroy the royal bloodline that she is part of in order to change the empire.

The art is nothing exceptional, stylistic it was fine. Could have been much better though. especially in the clothing aspect

Well, if you’re a fan of military fiction and war stories, this is definitely something to keep an eye on. Even if you’re not, though, Alderamin takes a unique approach to storytelling with its main characters. Between the politics and character drama, there’s a deeper insight on why events occur.

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