Steins;Gate 0


The world’s best time travel story is back in a very unique fashion. The “not a prequel, not a sequel” second instalment to Steins;Gate definitely lives up to expectations. Fans of the first will love it. And if you’re not a fan, you need to become one, quick.

It’s all a little confusing and I’ll do my best not to spoil, but if you’ve watched the anime (which I recommend) or read the first visual novel (which I very strongly recommend), you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. Basically, in the true ending of Steins;Gate, a certain event occurs that encourages Okabe to travel back in time once more. The idea behind Steins;Gate 0 is that this particular event has not yet occurred. The story is that of the world where Okabe did not “complete his mission” and the scenarios leading up to the event that completes the ending of the first. Sound complicated? Well, that’s time travel for you.

Every character that appeared before is back again (yes, even Mr. Braun), but with a few new additions to the cast. By far the most prevalent is Maho Hiyajo, a research scientist that worked alongside Makise Kurisu before her death (which on the current worldline, still happened.). Given that Steins;Gate 0 is an interquel, you might be wondering how any new characters introduced could even be relevant at all if we don’t see them before. I personally feel that the way they made the new characters have key roles in the story was very clever and they are indeed vital to how the true ending to the series unfolds.

Just like its predecessor, the story progression and each of the games endings are influenced mostly by actions taken through the use of Okabe’s phone, such as answering a call or not, which again makes you feel more in control and connected with the character. Also, just like last time, a certain event must be triggered in order to unlock the games true ending. It’s difficult to describe without spoiling, but suffice it to say you’ll probably be playing through at least twice to reach it.

The new soundtrack got me so excited for this instalment of the series and, as usual, really compliments each scenario as they unfold, adding o the atmosphere perfectly. In particular, the intro movie gave me chills the first time. But make no mistake, this game will have you laughing, crying and inspired at every twist and turn.

So to sum up. If you’ve seen Steins;Gate, give Steins;Gate 0 a go. If you’ve not seen Steins;Gate, DO IT! Then give Steins;Gate 0 a go.

Or maybe not. After all, your every decision, action and consequence are already preordained. It is the will of Steins;Gate.


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