I have been watching anime for a few years now, and I have been able to learn my things from different anime. Shows like Baby Steps, Gintama, Assassination Classroom, Cowboy Bebop and Days to name a few. They have definitely changed my views on life, relationship, morality, justice, friendship and empathy. Relife is definitely one of these anime,  for 13 episodes it uses  character development, conflict, or the entertainment to teaches us valuable lessons.

The setting for this show is a pretty simple one, though it does require a bit of buying in at the beginning. It’s very much modern day Japan. The difference comes in with the main character (Arata Kaizaki) and why he is in high school. A 27-year old man who isn’t entirely a shut-in, but he can’t find more than part-time jobs. For reasons the show goes into he left his first job and has struggled to get hired by anyone else from that point onward. The trick and reason for getting him into high school is a corporation that is running an experiment. They’ve somehow managed to create drugs that can visually change the appearance of a person back to their high school selves and back again to their adult self. Their health, physical condition, and intelligence don’t change. It is simply a visual thing.

There is conflict around every corner, but you understand where the problem is coming from and want to know how it gets solved. Most conflicts such as the ones in the story are not portrayed as commonly in other animes airing as of late. With this, I am going to have to say that it takes you back and gives you the feeling of nostalgia, especially with the music- mostly piano and jazzy, art – simple with cell-shading and cute editing used from older animes-, and of course the pacing.

With this anime, I kept on laughing or on the edge of my seat. Every episode either had me in tears of joy or sadness. This anime is a slice of life done RIGHT.The art was fitting and the comedy elements were well-placed breather moments making the whole show not too dense and after a bit of drama acceptableThis is a show that does a good job tackling some serious issues, but also letting you laugh at times to deflate the tension. Good characters going through their journeys until we reach the last episode. I sure hope this show gets a second season down the road, the story deserves it

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