Cheer Danshi!!

I first wrote this off as a generic sports type show but soon came to regret it much later as I enjoyed watching it a lot more than most anime this season.

There are so many popular titles of sports anime already but, none of them has to do with cheerleading, a guys-only cheerleading, too. Does an anime that revolves around a male cheerleading team sound weird? Maybe, at first, but after just a few minutes in the anime, you can actually realise how interesting and refreshing it is!

I think the art is really good. It’s beautiful, smooth, and the characters look realistic. They are also all unique, so it’s easy to tell them apart. I noticed in their first performance that they changed the art so that it almost looked like a music video.

The music is really pleasing as well, with an energetic and catchy OP and EP. The OST and the background music, also, fill the scenes nicely and the voice actors are doing a great job.

If you like sports anime and you feel like watching something slightly different, interesting and refreshing, Cheer Danshi!! is definitely worth a try.

I am doing 3 post this month because there is no game corner post.

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