Arslan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu

The second season of Arslan Senki is without a doubt better than the first season even if it was such a short run. This season is better as we got more actions, fights and the fight to become king. Medieval war increasingly fierce, Arslan and his friends have mastered Peshawar region, and many threats of war from all other kingdoms,war not rely solely on the number of cavalries, but it takes a mature strategy, as a result of success and not many downsides.enemies of the other kingdoms and rise of soldiers from both his own father and Hermes.

The story continues from where it left off, and the first episode start things off with a blast, and the show keeps on getting better and better. King Androgoros broke free of his captives and escaped with Arslan’s mother back to Peshawar. Arslan’s forces have their hands full in the beginning to deal with an invasion from Turan. While all this is happening, we are also introduced to a mysterious relic that Hilmes (Silver Mask) has his eyes on. A good deal of the first few episodes establishes the ruthlessness of the antagonists. In particular, Tokhtomysh (King of Turan) even delivers execution in order to draw Persians into a trap.

Arslan has also grown to become a well-respected leader known to even other countries. His maturity is shown with leadership, cleverness, and loyalty to his comrades. So much so, Gieve even returns with his services after going off on his own. The art style was nothing great, but I really like how they have managed to put so much detail into the huge battles which make the anime feel so epic.

Even on paper, the pacing of just 8 episodes should trigger a red alert. Less characterization on certain other main characters should also be expected as well. However, the sequel still offers a good amount of storytelling with its existing characters. Remember, the show isn’t just about getting to the end goal for Arslan but rather his journey to reach it. And for that, I think it’s worth to take that journey with them.

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