Aura: Maryuuinkouga Saigo no Tatakai

It is an hour and half of tightly written storyline with very little empty time, and while the animation is nothing spectacular, there is a genuine interplay between the main hero and heroine that all throughout makes the movie very enjoyable.

Aura is a story of a former chuunibyou (8th grader syndrome) case who’s now trying to become a normal person, that is until a faithful encounter with a girl who calls herself as a “researcher” searching for dragon terminals. At first, he hesitates on helping her as he doesn’t want to have a relapse again but soon finds out that she needs his help.

Why watching this movie, I started to realise something. I am sure from time to time some of us wish that our lives are less normal, less boring. We all look for magic, abilities, monsters and miracles, yet we choose to run away from the unknown. We wish to be extraordinary and to be normal at the same time. We are scared of being different as it is how we are hurt and step on in the world. When this reality seems painful and unbearable, this is when we truly need someone to reach out and hold us, to tell us they will be there and help through. So many tragedies could have been avoided. This anime has a happy ending, but so many cases in this reality ended in sadness and regrets.

We all know the pain of bullying either as the recipient of it or as a bystander observing the damage done to the bullied. It’s never beautiful and that’s what Aura conveys. It shows how people tend to step on other people when they outshine them in certain weird and quirky ways. It is less a comedy show (unlike Chunnibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai) and more of a drama with realistic elements.

The art and music of this show are about average and there’s nothing much to revolve about in the story but the main driving point of the show are the characters. This movie is all about character development. You start off with a doubting protagonist that would end up as a dependable friend for a lot of people. That’s the norm and this doesn’t deviate much from it except for the fact that the heroine does not depend on him but he changed her.

We are not born kind, like so many skills in life, it has to be taught. There is a saying that the young is innocent, yet in my experience, it is those young people who can hurt the most. I hope you take the message from this movie like I did. 

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