Active Raid

Thunderbirds meets Gundam meets Power Rangers/Super Sentai. That’s the aptest description I can think of for this series.

The Anime is set in a futuristic Japan where there are developed mobile suits called Willwears that are used in everyday lives. That is great, right? Unfortunately, some people decided to use them for committing crimes. The story revolves around a team of police officers who operate from a mobile train base and utilise Willwears to fight crime.  This has the making of a great series, but it suffers due to a lack of focused; only late in the series does Logos truly come into play. I realise in retrospect that this is because it is leading into the next season. However, this approach is not particularly appealing to new potential watchers and makes you lose details. The series is episodic and has a theme in each episode that is connected by Logos, but still, the motives of Logos just doesn’t make sense to me. We have a brilliant villain that needed move development.

When it comes to the characters almost all of them were technically adults, which is rather unusual (and welcome) compared to most contemporary anime. However, these are not exactly a bunch of serious professionals. Their way of dealing with crime, while sometimes surprisingly effective, was often only superficially following the rules and could directly or indirectly cause lots of property damage. The government doesn’t think too highly of Unit 8 and, frankly, neither should the viewer for a start.

Art was really well done, good CGI blend for action, but really nothing innovative or breathtaking. cool mobile suits, though. I’m a sucker for those and mecha.

As for the OP/ED songs themselves, Akino and Bless4 were involved. They were alright.

So, what would be my final word on Active Raid? It’s fun and watchable with low expectations, but not for everyone.

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