3 words describe this movie: Death By Cuteness.

Ponyo is the eighth animated feature done by Studio Ghibli (well-known for other films such as Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke) and the tenth animated feature for Hayao Miyazaki as a director (well-known for his directorial work on My Neighbor Totoro and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind).

The ocean scenes are spectacular, just in terms of sheer imagination in all of the creatures and the detail that packs the screen, and will probably make your jaw drop. And anything to do with Fujimoto or the goddess of the seas’ or even Ponyo’s magic is definitely some of the most spectacular scenes in the movie.
-The backgrounds on this, I’m pretty sure, were done in watercolours, which add a delicacy to the entire movie.

MUSIC: Joe Hisaishi did the composing work on this, just as he did with all the other Ghibli works. This score has far more emphasis on orchestral and choral numbers, especially in the horns, just a really grand sound in general, and while relying on a few repeated themes, is a really solid score.

Ponyo is a movie for kids, so there’s not a whole lot of character development. Ponyo is a headstrong, high-energy, heart on her sleeve goldfish. Sosuke is the naive but bright-eyed and good natured kid. Risa is the strong backbone of her family and community. While Ponyo’s parents balance out the eccentricity scale. They are what they are, and they don’t change too much during the movie. But the chemistry between all the characters feels so natural, that the characters don’t feel like cardboard cutouts, and instead, everything feels natural – even when you’re literally a fish out of the water.

Simply fantastic. It’s a fun movie that everyone in the family can watch and enjoy. It’s not something that will cause you to have an epiphany or that will reveal some sort of universal truth, but it’ll definitely show you something about what we all once had and unfortunately lost along the way…. and kids will certainly love it!

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