Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

This is an anime that have everything I ask for, it’s tense, it’s packed to the ceiling with intense moments, one after another, it’s a non-stop flow of everything, everything is just amazing the conversations are amazing, and the soundtrack is totally fucking awesome, the story is impactful, there’s constantly things happening, and you get everything explained as you go, the pacing is never weird and it just doesn’t break.

The story is quite simple but there’s more to it. The MC is basically transported to a fantasy world and he meets many people on the way. The thing is that there are events occurring during that time that is fatal to him. What happens after the MC dies is him just coming back to life at some points of his story in that world(To make you understand is like as if he is respawning at some checkpoints he made in his progress in that world).

But without other characters, a real story isn’t born. The main love interest, Emilia, plays a key role in the political turmoil the country is in. She, just like every character, is presented in an idealised way (also known as the stereotype), which is slowly but surely torn apart. While she doesn’t appear too much in the second half to my dismay and doesn’t receive a lot of characterization despite being the main character and a central figure in the story, she has her own character and her relationship with Subaru is on a more complex level than some others. She doesn’t just fall in love with him but behaves more like a real girl, who has her own feelings, her own problems and her own unique stance on their relationship.

Another central character is Rem. While first appearing as not very important, she changes into a very important person for Subaru and his journey to improve himself. As opposed to Emilia, her background story is revealed during the very first episodes and gives the viewer a good insight on what she thinks and how she relates to Subaru. She is also one of the few characters, that actively accompany Subaru through the story.

I really like the animation stuff like the point-of-view angles they emphasised on some scenarios on some episodes and it really follows the concept of the story.The opening & ending songs are so great and also fitted to the theme of the show (e.g. the lyrics and the style of the songs), which I also like in this anime show.

The first episode alone is enough to hook you into watching every other episode. Not many other series have this gift, but this anime does. It definitely keeps you at the edge of your seat every episode, and will have you wanting more after each and every episode.

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