Amaama to Inazuma

Amaama to Inazuma’s story starts out very simple. It’s about a father who takes care of his daughter. Naturally, you won’t expect a lot from a plot like this. There won’t be any psychological battles, a lot of action or huge adventures. It’s just a guy with his daughter living life… Not the most interesting thing in the world!

The story progresses nicely, in a slice of life way, where different interesting incidents, funny, happy or sad, occur to all the characters, and we see how they react to them and how they try to help each other. Some days, Kouhei, Tsumugi and Kotori will gather and make something delicious together, mainly to please Tsumugi.
All of the episodes seem to follow this pattern but, that doesn’t make it less enjoyable and every week you see something different happening and a new delicious recipe.

The characters are, by far, the greatest aspect of the show, as they all seem extremely likeable and realistic and they have shown some great development even in the first few episodes.
~Kouhei is a single parent, whose wife died just a few months ago. He is a high-school teacher and he is friendly with his students, especially Kotori. He loves his daughter a lot and the most important thing for him is to make her laugh and be happy, that’s why he is trying really hard to achieve that, even with little things that he is not really good at, like making nicely cooked meals every day, when he learns that this is what she enjoys the most. He, also, wants to help Tsumugi with the problems she is facing at school, he is trying very hard to understand exactly how she feels, but he thinks that he can’t do much and he is sad that her mother isn’t here to understand her better than him. With Kotori’s help, though, he achieves to comfort his daughter and gains a little more confidence.
~Tsumugi, clearly, has a child’s personality and looks. She is a cute, energetic, playful girl who enjoys every little happy thing. She wants to learn about different things around her and her reactions are always adorable. She especially enjoys food (although she can be a little picky with bitter stuff, like every little kid), and when she is trying a nicely cooked meal for the first time after eating the convenience store’s meals for months, she wants to eat like that every day. Her reasons for becoming sad, are those of a little child, too. She also loves her dad very much and wants to help him whenever she can and give him gifts to make him happy.
~Kotori, even though she is Kouhei’s student, is coming closer to him and talks to him about stuff that worry her but, she helps him out, too, when it comes to his daughter. She, also, adores Tsumugi and does whatever she can to offer her a nice meal, even though she isn’t that good at cooking, either.

Definitely no complaints. Art is beautiful, realistic, and fits the tone of the story- plus, all the characters are cute.

If you’re interested in cooking, or interested in learning about cooking, then give this anime a shot, since it’ll hand you some of the basics, or if you just want to watch a fun and heartwarming anime, then by all means give this a try as well, this is an anime that basically anyone can enjoy

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