Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara

Shokugeki comes back with this second season! As someone that picked up the manga, I expected that now that I know everything that will happen, I wouldn’t be as much interested as before, back when I fell in love with this anime, but I was totally wrong! the pure epicness of Shokugeki no Souma is more than enough to make me as scream like a fanboy just like before.


The animation in the 2nd season is just as amazing as the first. Although having a slightly rushed first episode, it manages to pick back up the original pace without too much dragging and rushing. the fast-paced cooking scenes are animated so fluidly and the whole show is just an eye-catcher in terms of the characters and the food.
Unfortunately, it does get rushed a bit in the later episodes again, but not too much. This kind of problem could have been fixed if the anime was 2 cour but unfortunately it isn’t.

Currently, however, the series is still far from perfect, and due to the faster pace of each episode, there is inevitably content that needs to be cut. It would have benefited better from a 2-cour season, but we’re stuck single-cour. The pacing isn’t the best, but it does enough to show us a surprising amount of character development. While the first season was known for its Ecchi, there is a noticeable lack of it currently but is instead replaced by much-needed action and information. The judge segments are still done properly.

Both seasons of Shokugeki no Souma are a great, entertaining watch for anyone. Unfortunately, since it’s only 13 episodes, some contents from the manga are indeed skipped, and the pacing is a bit inconsistent at times. But even without the skipped parts, the story is still tied well together.

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