New Game!

So what makes New Game! as charming, fun, cute and special as it is? 2 things: a very well written plot and one of the best cast of characters ever created

The characters are a great group of girls! They all have a special bond and I can feel how much they like each other. They’re all really cute and energetic, which is very entertaining to watch. They all seem very original which I love, and I love the designs for each character. Don’t forget the cute cat! Even he’s a great addition to the cast.

The art style is pretty standard for a SOL anime, with upbeat and vibrant colours garnishing the entire anime. Characters are colourful as well and are well designed to drawn attention on first glance. It is not revolutionary or explicit in any case, but certainly, it suffices to lighten up the overall atmosphere and compliment its characters well.

Do you like an amazingly written plot which actually moves forward very subtly and an outstanding cast of cute, all-female characters? Then New Game! is the anime for you!

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