Mob Psycho 100

At first glance Mob Psycho 100 is another brilliant comedy written by ONE, the same author of One Punch Man, however upon further viewership, there is much more to be seen. Mob Psycho is actually a character driven story supplemented by humor, and the occasional action sequence. I recommend Mob Psycho to everyone on this planet, and encourage them to watch and to be surprised, just as I was, when they realize they are no longer watching a simple comedy, but complex character story.

If you love to understand the art of animating, the staging, the direction, the rhythm of jokes, how the director makes his cuts or how storyboard artists decide to show scenes – you shall fall in love with this series.

Bones has kept ONE’s elementary art style and transformed it into a vibrant, colorful, fun concoction. Not only does this serve to compliment the comedy but it creates such a fluid spectacle that begs to be watched. The animation quality is simply superb. The fight scenes rival that of One Punch Man and the outrageous comedy can be highlighted with great detail. You can see this colorful animation in both the the opening and ending with their wide range of colors and the angle shots.

Mob is the only c character of the show I have a problem with, but I will tell you about that later as the only problem I see with this show. He does changed when he fights (He literally goes from 0 to 100), but by the end of the series, there wasn’t much change in him. All the other characters are engaging and well thought out from Reigen, the main character’s con psychic mentor who’s not even psychic to the mc’s little brother who starts to become resentful of him because of his psychic powers.

The only problem I have with this as stated above show  is the  main character in particular, shares the same characteristic traits and personality of Saitama from One Punch Man. The plot and story always feature an overpowered main character that is socially awkward trying to save the day with his inexplicably obtained powers. The main characters in his works usually lack any motivation unless they’re triggered by someone getting hurt. This is repeated for most of the episodes. I wanted to see more changes in Mob as a person.

I love this show because the comedy, characters, and the story just speak to me. The character developments are amazing and well-executed in my opinion. I really love the author’s humour and secretly worship ONE-sensei and his other published works. I know this is not for everyone, and that’s fine. We all have our own tastes and opinions, I respect that.

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