Keijo is love, Keijo is life.

“I like big butts and I cannot lie. My other brothers can’t deny.

Keijo is an exciting new sport for women: competitors fight on round floats known as “Land” and must try to be the last girl standing on her feet while they try to knock each other down and into the water. The catch is that players can only hit each other using their breasts or buttocks. The sport is so popular (and lucrative) that a school has opened up just for the training of Keijo players, and recent high school grad and star gymnast Kaminashi Nozomi has managed to secure a place there.

The artistry and animation also aren’t anything special, but they don’t overplay the fan service, either. The series is clearly looking for a balance between its fan service and sports elements.

Xebec is famous for their work on the tit and ass filled romp known as To Love-RU. Well, they definitely brought their expertise to this show. It is loaded with that stuff! Plus, the action is pretty cool to look at, and the rough outlines make this show’s look stick out, like a competitor’s ass while wearing one of these swimsuits. It makes sure that the hits that connect are all hard-hitting, and full of impact.

The OP, “DREAM x SCRAMBLE” by AIRI is energetic as hell

In conclusion, this anime is not for everyone. This show is dumb, but it meant to be dumb, it wants to be dumb and it’s proud of it. The ones who will appreciate it the most are the ones who’re somewhat deep into the medium and seen some series this makes fun of and seen the biggest hits of the past few years because Keijo is really heavy in references.


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