Kenichi Sonoda (Riding Bean, Gunsmith Cats) Launches Bilingual Kickstarter to Make New Anime, Bean Bandit

Kenichi Sonoda, the creator for classics like Gunsmith Cats and Riding Beans has launched a crowdfunding project to create his next new work, Bean Bandit.  I was able to see a review of Gunsmith Cats and Riding Bean on Anime Abandoned, and they looked awesome, so I am planning to check these series out.



Rampaging Bean Bandit! Gunpowder smoke

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Microsoft’s new Xbox controller puts disabled players back in the game


I know that this is not anime and manga related, and I not a huge gamer myself. I only play VNs usually. @mistercrickster1 is the resident gamer on this blog. I do have a CP through, and to hear that a large company like Microsoft in investing in making a controller that gives gamers with disabilities a chance to play their favorite games is great news. This product is coming on sale this year, and I hope that it can bring more people together.

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SPYAIR, CHiCO with HoneyWorks to Perform Gintama OP

Rock band SPYAIR and music group CHICO with Honeyworks  both announced on Sunday that they will perform the new opening and ending themes, respectively, for the Gintama. anime when it returns in July.

Gintama is the anti-meta of the popular shonen anime. It is one of my top long running anime series next to Detective Conan and Dragon Balls.  The anime had entered the “Silver Soul” arc on January 7. Silver Soul is the manga’s final arc that began in July 2016. The anime will return in July for the “climax” of the Silver Soul arc.

I know I am suppose to be on hiatus to revise for exams, but this is big news. Most of my favorite Gintama OPs are from SPYAIR,  and CHiCO with HoneyWorks.