Microsoft’s new Xbox controller puts disabled players back in the game


I know that this is not anime and manga related, and I not a huge gamer myself. I only play VNs usually. @mistercrickster1 is the resident gamer on this blog. I do have a CP through, and to hear that a large company like Microsoft in investing in making a controller that gives gamers with disabilities a chance to play their favorite games is great news. This product is coming on sale this year, and I hope that it can bring more people together.

When it comes to consoles games I have a love hate relationship, I was able to experience a lot of great games’ stories like Final Fantasy, Pokemon, GOW, Devil May Cry and Street Fighters because my mother and brother were gamers, and it was awesome to watch them play, but sometimes I just wanted to experience the story myself, but my hands get really tired easily, and I can’t keep up with all the button mashing, and my left hand is can’t keep up with my right, so I ended dying a lot, but I still love video games, and this wonderful new to me.

It’s the Xbox Adaptive Controller from Microsoft. The $99.99 device, to go on sale later this year, is designed to help gamers of all shapes, sizes and abilities play games however they can on either an Xbox One or a PC powered by Windows 10. It offers ports into which players can plug switches, buttons, pressure-sensitive tubes and other gear in order to control any function a standard controller can do. Microsoft unveiled it Wednesday, ahead of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, when the design and development communities focus their efforts on learning and sharing ideas around building products with the disabilities community in mind.

The key feature of the Xbox Adaptive Controller is that it has ports in its back that represent each button on a standard controller. It’s a rectangle just a little smaller than a tablet and it can easily rest on your lap. It’s got four big sticky rubberized feet too, to make sure it won’t slide on a table. And the device is angled, with a slightly taller back, to make it easier for people who’ll play using their feet.

It’s also black on the bottom, so it looks good even with Velcro attached. Why does that matter? Therapists say their patients hate when things look like they’re for people with disabilities.

On top are two big circular black buttons that are easy to trigger with even the lightest touch on their side. To their left is a directional pad that’s about 150 percent the size of a standard controller. And there are a couple buttons above the pad for sharing in-game recordings with friends and turning the Xbox console on and off remotely. One of the buttons lets you select between saved profiles in case you have setups for different people in your home — or even want to play different types of games.

The real magic is in the back and on the sides. There are two open USB connections and 19 ports that accept a standard 3.5 mm cord (the size of the plug for your headphones) that can receive signals from switches, steering wheels, pressure-sensitive tubes and other devices the disabilities community has invented to make it easier to type, control computers and play video games.

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