Kenichi Sonoda (Riding Bean, Gunsmith Cats) Launches Bilingual Kickstarter to Make New Anime, Bean Bandit

Kenichi Sonoda, the creator for classics like Gunsmith Cats and Riding Beans has launched a crowdfunding project to create his next new work, Bean Bandit.  I was able to see a review of Gunsmith Cats and Riding Bean on Anime Abandoned, and they looked awesome, so I am planning to check these series out.



Rampaging Bean Bandit! Gunpowder smoke

I will be backing this kickstarter, and I hope you guys do the same. The official page, which can be found here, is looking to raise about 15 million yen(~135,000 USD). That money will go to create a five minute animation. However, his real goal is to create a full 20 minute full animation with an opening. Everything is going to be available in both English and Japanese, and finally, the Blu-ray will have higher quality art per his statements on the page. At the time of this article being written, over 11,200,000 yen has been raised meaning he is more than two-thirds of the way there!  Be sure to also head on over to the page where Sonoda has revealed character designs for Bean Bandit, Rally Vincent, and Minnie May. The project also has revealed many staff who are anime industry veterans as well, so be sure to check that out too when you go to support him!

I know I don’t sound very convincing when I have not even seen these two series myself, but their review on youtube were very positive, this is the amine version of the transporter, but much more raw and bloody.

I want to support Kenichi Sonoda, because he made an effort to make a bilingual page support both English and Japanese viewers. He is aware of who his fans are, and are making a effort to read out us. I think we should try to support him the best we can. Any amount we put in will count, and who knows sequels or remake  shows we loved might come back a lot easier if more creators see that crowdfunding actually works.


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