Voltron legendary defender


I know this is not an animu but I really want to let people know about this show on Netflix. Here goes. I grew up watching the original Voltron so I was excited about this. The past spin-offs so far were horrible, but this was being done by the Korra team. Hope was high, and let me tell you it blew me away. I also been asked to write my opinion on my favorite season, which is season 1, show by The Aniwriter.

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Time For the German Word


I would like to say a huge thank you to Elle from Of Midnight Ravings for this nomination. I am sorry it took so long to get this post out.


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liebster award

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A Certain Magical Index 3

Finally after two seasons of A Certain Magical Index, and two seasons of A Certain Scientific Railgun (season 3 as well please) I have waited seven to eight years for this news. I am a happy boy. As an anime only, I understand that even if we look at the English translation from Yen Press; there are a lot of of material for the anime to adapt. Next up is Heavy Object season 2. Come on people it can be done.

A Certain Magical Index 3

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5 Anime Blogging Tips to Keep You Motivated!

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Two Happy Cats

Recently I’ve seen a few anime bloggers talk about the community, mainly how it seems to be ‘dying’. There seems to be a few reasons for this, first up many new bloggers tend to quit in the first three months of blogging as they’re not pulling in the followers/ views they hoped for. The second is that a few bloggers who have been around a while have either been on hiatus/ completely quit blogging altogether. This seems to have created a generally ‘disillusion’ within the blogging community, some creators are frustrated with others who are not participating strongly in the community and others just feel like there’s nothing to participate in at all.

Obviously I can’t speak for the last point on fixing disillusionment, but I’d like to provide a few tips for bloggers who feel they need to kick-start their creative juices!

Stats are great, until they’re depressing



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Hiro Mashima’s New Manga Gets Tentative Title, Simultaneous Release in 5 Languages


This year’s 26th issue of Kodansha‘s Weekly Shōnen Magazine revealed on Wednesday that Hiro Mashima‘s new manga is tentatively titled Eden’s Zero. The manga will have a simultaneous release starting from the first chapter in English, French, Chinese, Korean, and Thai. The issue also revealed a visual for the new manga, featuring a man with black hair and a bandage on his face.

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