Answering Saturday #1

“What’s the most boring show you’ve ever seen? Not necessarily the worst, but most boring?” from Miss  Krystallina  from Daiyamanga. 

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I usually don’t finished show that I find boring, I will just drop the after a few episodes or even one. I can always watch it later on. To answer this question, I will point you to Mahou Sensou or Magic Wars. If you read my previous post, you know I am a sucker for harem school battle shows. They are not always the best, but I love them nonetheless.

I tried really hard to love Mahou Sensou, but I just felt bored in the end. The feelings, I had were these. Confusion is the first step but then comes the anger phase and regret at the end. I wanted this show to improve, but the boredom just keep going. I will always defend these kinds of shows, but I gave up in this one.

Magic War

It makes little sense at first. Everything happens too quickly as well as all at once. As time goes on, the series attempts to explain itself regarding both worlds, its histories, characters, and everything else in a fashion to hopefully draw viewers in. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t fit right. I still don’t understand how I finish this show, usually I would had dropped something like way before, oh well that is my regret. After this show, I swear to my self that I will drop any show I don’t like no matter the episode count, I can always come back to it much later.

I am not an a difficult to please audience, I like cool over the top MC, fan service and an easy to understand story, I don’t expect high quality anime when I watch the school battle anime, but gave me a good fan service okay.

Magic Wars MC



2 thoughts on “Answering Saturday #1

  1. I’ve had that happen a few times. You get suckered in with, “Okay, this is a good setup or a personal favorite. It can’t really be THIS boring, can it?” And it is… I guess I won’t have to worry about adding this show to my backlog!

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