I am Back

Quick Update for you guys.

Exams Fairy Tail

So how are things with you? I am back, guys. I have completed all the work required for my degree. Now it is a waiting game to see if I can graduate in July. I can now enjoy watching anime and reading manga again without feeling guilty  about it. Yahoooo

What does that mean for the blog? This news means that regular posts will begin again on the blog; there will be two anime reviews per month and follow by anything other type of posts I managed to write such as news, features, Q and As and anything else I can come up with in order to write about.

Demotivational anime


What do you need to say first? I want to say thank you to everyone staying with the blog while I was on hiatus (semi-hiatus); I did covered some pieces of anime news that I thought was too important for me to ignore. I know, shame on me. Well, my only excuse is that blogging helped me relax from all the exam stress.

What are your next steps? Well, when I started 3 years ago, I didn’t think I will be getting any followers, so I want to see how long I can keeping writing about Chinese cartoons. I am also looking at patreon and Ko-fi as ways for the blog to support itself, and I am thinking about whether I should get a domain or not; I know that WordPress can destroyed your site’s traffic, if  you stop paying for the domain. I want to have a stable source of income that can regularly pay for the site before I challenge the the boss of the the domain.

Silver Spoon Horse Riding

In conclusion, after four years of university, I don’t know what I want to do with myself. We all know as anime fans the important of having goals to work towards; but I started to reading the silver spoon manga because I know that I third seasons will be a long way away as the manga had just resume serialization. I understand that it is okay to feel lost and run away; during that process, I might be able to find something to chase after again. For now, I know that Life Is expensive for an Otaku from KimichiSama, so I want to earn as much as possible to support my hobbies.

That’s all Folk.


10 thoughts on “I am Back

  1. Congrats on completing University! Time to take a good break and refresh for newer challenges and awesomeness! 🙂
    Hope all goes well with your plans for the blog and also for your future endeavours!

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