Answering Saturday #2

sakata gin-san

“Mmmm… a question…. If you had to choose between being an annoying lead of a story or a great but unappreciated side character, you’d pick?” from Auri of toritsukamanga.

I preferred both I guess depending on the situation. For example Gintoki from Gintama, he is an annoyed character with a lots of faults like being  extremely lazy. He is often seen wearing a dumb expression on his face and spends his days lounging around reading Shounen Jump whilst imparting wise and sage-like advice to his younger employees, even though he doesn’t actually know what he’s talking about most of the time, but  despite these annoying traits, he still help people and become someone irreplaceable to the people he met. He never fight for great things like justice and peace, but simply his comrades

Gin- san is not model material by a long shot. He spends most of his money on booze and Panchiko; he skip on his rent payments and does not treat Shinpachi and Kagura very well. Yet, he never once through all 700 episodes betrayed his samurai way. He will always fight for his friends and his soul. This make him so so human and understandable. He is not a natural chosen hero, but he is a hero bause he always has something important to fight for. Sometimes a person may not look all that beautiful or successful, but as long as they live beautiful to the end then that is all that matter.

A unappreciated side character like Vegeta. He has become a very complex and reliable character from DBZ to Super. He unlike Goku, isn’t a full fighting maniac, but a father and husband as well. I feel that he is great side character. I feel that he always struggle with his role on Earth, and his role as the Saiyan Prince. The love he shown for Bulma and Trunks throughout DBZ and DB Super shown that the once proud saiyan prince has change. He still always want to get stronger than Goku,  his pride is still a big part of his character, but it is not the only part of him. Goku cares about Chichi, Gohan and Goten, but I would not give him father of the year award because Piccolo did all the work. He is even raising Pan for the love of god.




Vegeta saiyan blue

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