5 Anime Blogging Tips to Keep You Motivated!

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Recently I’ve seen a few anime bloggers talk about the community, mainly how it seems to be ‘dying’. There seems to be a few reasons for this, first up many new bloggers tend to quit in the first three months of blogging as they’re not pulling in the followers/ views they hoped for. The second is that a few bloggers who have been around a while have either been on hiatus/ completely quit blogging altogether. This seems to have created a generally ‘disillusion’ within the blogging community, some creators are frustrated with others who are not participating strongly in the community and others just feel like there’s nothing to participate in at all.

Obviously I can’t speak for the last point on fixing disillusionment, but I’d like to provide a few tips for bloggers who feel they need to kick-start their creative juices!

Stats are great, until they’re depressing



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