Voltron legendary defender


I know this is not an animu but I really want to let people know about this show on Netflix. Here goes. I grew up watching the original Voltron so I was excited about this. The past spin-offs so far were horrible, but this was being done by the Korra team. Hope was high, and let me tell you it blew me away. I also been asked to write my opinion on my favorite season, which is season 1, show by The Aniwriter.

After marathoning, the entire season in a one sitting. I am hooked forever. So am I. Glad you agree with me. I  mean I can’t remember the original how very well, so I don’t know how much source material these episodes were based. They were still amazing. We will fight for this show’s anime status. I totally agreed

Dos Santos and Montgomery’s passion for the original series clearly comes across in Legendary Defender, and the result is an epic, funny and vibrant take on the beloved ’80s cartoon. Unfortunately, I didn’t see it with you then. Well of course, I only created you recently to make my posts more interesting.

In Legendary Defender, five ragtag space cadets — Shiro  Lance , Keith  Hunk  and Pidge  — are suddenly transported from Earth into the middle of a dangerous, intergalactic conflict helmed by the evil King Zarkon (Neil Kaplan). But when the teens uncover five mysterious robot lions, they become the last line of defense for the galaxy, along with Princess Allura  and Coran  from the extinct planet Altea. Together, they resurrect Voltron, the invincible protector of the universe. Cool lions and mecha transformations. I think this would help the mecha anime genre like Darling in The Franxx. Well said, my alter ego.

That attention to both macro- and micro- detail is evident from the first frame of Voltron: Legendary Defender. This time around, character personalities are larger, more distinct, and — interestingly — tied directly to the action: the robot-shaped spaceships, we are informed, serve as reflections of their pilots. As small tweak, perhaps, but one that opens up all sorts of possibilities.

I have no hesitation in saying this show could run for 30 seasons if they really wanted to. There is that much scope hinted at here. Hell, we could have a Doctor Who level of mythos here. We could incorporate all the great things about mecha anime: Robot combinations, giant monsters and great space opera battles.

The action is astounding. That’s no shock coming from the team behind Legend of Korra, but the escalation of conflict is flawless. The team doesn’t win any two fights the same way. Sometimes they need to form Voltron. Sometimes they need to fight with just the Lions. Sometimes they only need to fight as themselves. Each and every fight is dynamic and extremely well animated, as is true for the whole series.

If you’re somehow still on the fence about watching this show, just do it. And if you’re reading this spoiler filled review before watching the series, shame on you! But seriously, you won’t be disappointed. This is worth getting Netflix for. Also you need to do a post to introduce me to your readers.  Oh yeah, I will at some point.

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