Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari, What is a Family?

I swear, what is it with anime and hapless single guys taking care of adorable little kids? Last season it was Sweetness & Lightning, and now we’ve got Poco’s Udon World. The theme of home-cooked meals returns to some extent, but now we’ve got a shape-shifting tanuki instead of a normal human kid. Sure, why not? Let’s throw a little fantasy into the mix and see what happens. Some people didn’t like Sweetness & Lightning because of the possible student and teacher. I don’t really care. Cute is justice in my book.  Continue reading

50 Followers Appreciation Post


I’m very grateful to announce that this blog gathered 50 followers this week! The current follower count is at 51 (+1 email followers, don’t ask me how). Many many thanks, people, for reading my somewhat inconsistent content! I think it is because you made me that you luck went luck. Wow sensei, are you coming for non-review posts as well? You bet you otaku brain I am cause Chizurue-chan told you to include me earlier right? Okay, since you are here. You can stay. Continue reading

Introducing Taurus-sensei

nyanko sensei

I would like to write this post to introduce Tauras-sensei, the name of my alter ego or Tanteikid 2. He/she will weigh his/her opinion on my review as we watch shows together. You have seen him/her in action with my Voltron Legendary Defender Review, but you would not see sensei again until my Mobile Suit Gundam IPO season 2 because he/she was not made in my earlier scheduled reviews. I had to introduce sensei earlier than expected because of my Voltron post.You can see his/her thoughts in bold writing in my reviews. Say hello Sensei. Wait a second, you are calling me Taurus-Sensei? Yes, sensei your name comes from both Natsume Yuujinchou and Irregular at Magic High- School.

Continue reading

Post Schedule

Thank you all my readers for sticking with me all through my hiatus, So I completed my exams. I am getting back into postings again. I have decided to post two reviews per month. There may be other types of posts included if I have time.


I am also not keeping with seasonal anime because I want to take my time to watch some old shows on my backlog and give my thoughts on them. I haven’t been keeping up with seasonal stuff anyway, so I think I should change my viewing habit. I wand to watch older shows that has been on my watch list for ages with and shows that I was recommended by people on the Youtube and Twitter.

I know a lot of amazing anime reviewers on WP like TPAB, Karandi and Cactus Matt. They all offer quality seasonal anime reviews, so I want to do my own thing. I started this blog to be able to share my opinions on my love for anime and manga. And I have been trying to keep up with shows, so I can get views. There is nothing wrong with trying to get as much views as possible if the blog is your source of income, but at the moment I have not reach that level yet, and I don’t have any intention in starting any thing soon. In conclusion,   my reviews will cover anime all over the spectrum, or anything I happen to be watching/ reading at the time.


I want to do more posts like the Saturday Answering and Features about different topics using anime as the template, because as a medium, anime does an amazing portraying the human condition. I want to see if I can improve more as a writer and if I can make people enjoy the content I am putting out.