Post Schedule

Thank you all my readers for sticking with me all through my hiatus, So I completed my exams. I am getting back into postings again. I have decided to post two reviews per month. There may be other types of posts included if I have time.


I am also not keeping with seasonal anime because I want to take my time to watch some old shows on my backlog and give my thoughts on them. I haven’t been keeping up with seasonal stuff anyway, so I think I should change my viewing habit. I wand to watch older shows that has been on my watch list for ages with and shows that I was recommended by people on the Youtube and Twitter.

I know a lot of amazing anime reviewers on WP like TPAB, Karandi and Cactus Matt. They all offer quality seasonal anime reviews, so I want to do my own thing. I started this blog to be able to share my opinions on my love for anime and manga. And I have been trying to keep up with shows, so I can get views. There is nothing wrong with trying to get as much views as possible if the blog is your source of income, but at the moment I have not reach that level yet, and I don’t have any intention in starting any thing soon. In conclusion,   my reviews will cover anime all over the spectrum, or anything I happen to be watching/ reading at the time.


I want to do more posts like the Saturday Answering and Features about different topics using anime as the template, because as a medium, anime does an amazing portraying the human condition. I want to see if I can improve more as a writer and if I can make people enjoy the content I am putting out.



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