Introducing Taurus-sensei

nyanko sensei

I would like to write this post to introduce Tauras-sensei, the name of my alter ego or Tanteikid 2. He/she will weigh his/her opinion on my review as we watch shows together. You have seen him/her in action with my Voltron Legendary Defender Review, but you would not see sensei again until my Mobile Suit Gundam IPO season 2 because he/she was not made in my earlier scheduled reviews. I had to introduce sensei earlier than expected because of my Voltron post.You can see his/her thoughts in bold writing in my reviews. Say hello Sensei. Wait a second, you are calling me Taurus-Sensei? Yes, sensei your name comes from both Natsume Yuujinchou and Irregular at Magic High- School.


You also made me gender- fluid as well!!!??? Baka. Well yes, I thought it might be interesting to do so. You took the idea from Magnus Chase. Well said, sensei, that series is a great fantasy series that everyone should read. Are you sure it is a good idea to talk non-otaku stuff on this blog? I don’t see a problem sensei because this blog is where I talk about my daily enjoyment, and don’t worry I will keep the non-otaku stuff to a minimum.

Okay if you say so. I understand you made me in order to make your reviews more unique and get more views? Yes, @savageshark told me about how he once had his own animu blog, but he quit because he lost motivation. I don’t want to lost motivation, so when I saw Cactus Matt Q and A style I want to do something similar. Ahh, you stole another idea to make me? What are you a thief? Oy meanie you would never been made if I did not use those ideas, please be grateful; I prefer gentleman thief. Alright kaito-san thank you for making me, but why do I have to wait so long to reappear  in front of our readers? Long story short, I already scheduled posts before I made you, and I am too lazy to edit those posts to put you in. Can I hit you? You can, but it will hurt both of us because you are like my Stand. This is not Tanteikid’s Bizarre Adventure.

whew, I can let it go since you made a post to introduce me to your readers, but you are to add me in all posts from IPO season 2 onward. Thank you for understanding sensei.

Kaito Kid

I’ll be back. Now, who is using non otaku reference. Bite me.

I'll be back

15 thoughts on “Introducing Taurus-sensei

  1. Hey, sorry if this is too abrupt but I really like your error 404 page. I clicked the link in your ‘currently watching’ page and it brought me to the 404 page. I thought that was it but apparently it has an ending hahaha that made my day, thank you very much! 😆

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