50 Followers Appreciation Post


I’m very grateful to announce that this blog gathered 50 followers this week! The current follower count is at 51 (+1 email followers, don’t ask me how). Many many thanks, people, for reading my somewhat inconsistent content! I think it is because you made me that you luck went luck. Wow sensei, are you coming for non-review posts as well? You bet you otaku brain I am cause Chizurue-chan told you to include me earlier right? Okay, since you are here. You can stay.

Love, Chuunybio and Other Dillusions.gif
The Honour Role call, well not exactly a role call yet. I need to make a separate post for that at some point. I need to thank a lot people. I would like to thank the The Moyatorium for her 310 followers  that has given me the template to write this post.
Thanks to everyone who regularly reads my stuff. We all are selective to some extent when we go through our feed (aside from the few amazing people I know), and I’m honoured to have anyone read the content I produce. I know everyone have busy lives, and the fact that you are read my content make me over the moon. You mean our content? Yes, I am sorry sensei.
Thanks to those who have ever dropped a comment on this blog! I looove comments. Arguments are very much welcome too because it means my posts has given you a feeling; either good or bad to tell me about it.
Thanks to those whose blogs I always want to comment on! Sorry for getting too excited in comment sections sometimes, but it it means I’m totally in love with what you’re doing. You guys/gals/gender fluid are amazing. Your posts are always great read, and it is a warm feeling to see so many people having opinions about otaku culture. Benzai 
Thanks to those who interact with me on Twitter. You’re all really cool people and I’m glad I got to make friends with you. I don’t have may friends in real life, so the friends I have made here are a small treasure to me. I hope I and Sensei can be in your care for many years to come.
Thanks to those who Google all the right keywords and find my blog. I have no idea how it happened and I’m sure most of you are bloggers yourselves, so I hope we can create a strong, friendly and caring community. A big shout out to the OWLS Movement and the community post/ survey being done by Moya.
Thanks to all you guys who tagged me in your posts and gave me awards. THANK YOUUUUUUU
Thanks to those who post consistent episode reviews and series previews. They’re super useful as references for my own reviewing and anime-watching. Anime is a growing medium with a new stories to get lost in every season, so you guys are the guiding light for me in this vast sea. I will guide you as well. I am in your care sensei.
Thanks to those who write stories on their blogs. I may not read all of your novel if it’s too long, but I love the fact that you do what you do. Keep it up, novelists! You might not believe in yourself, but believe in the me that believe in you and pierce the heavens with your words. The pen is mighty than the mecha.
Pierce the Heavens
Thanks to those who write inspirational posts. Some people set out to motivate, while others do so without realizing it. Emotional and/or personal posts are the type I find myself caring most about. Your stories may not always be positive in theme or cheerfully written, but life is not cheerful and happy, and sometimes we will be cover in mud. However, that mud will drive off when we keep on walking in the sun. Thank you for having the courage to share your stories with strangers like myself and sensei. WE REALLY APPRECIATE THEM. Know that we are here for you if you need us.
Thanks to those who write conversationally on their blogs and people who fangirl/fanboy a lot in their posts. These posts are super entertaining to read and easy to engage in. Some days we might not have the time or energy to read in-depth analysis posts of a series. Sometimes we just enjoy some thing so much that we can look pass its faults, and that great feelings when you someone who think the same you do.
Thanks to those who write with sophisticated style and put as much effort into blogging as they would a dissertation thesis (at least, it seems like it to me). Your posts are so gorgeous I might die from envy, but I’ll totally stay alive to learn from them and surpass you guys one day, Believe it.
believe-it Naruto
Thanks to anyone who read this post to the end. Thanks for hanging out at this tavern

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