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But What Happens When You Get Tired Of Anime? On the 18th of February Karandi James published a post telling her readers like myself what would happen if she stopped watching anime, and when I read it I felt myself itching to write a similar post.Getting tired of anime? That is a serious question, I wonder if you would disappear if you stop being an otaku? Hey sensei, don’t you think that you are being a little harsh on me? I have other qualities as well you know. Name one for me and the readers one that is not anime or otaku related, and then I will stop worrying about our safety,  I just finish my chemistry degree, so I am pretty intelligent. Stop playing your own horn. We both know you would be lost without your identity as an otaku.

Guys, sensei does have point. I am a person with a love of all things anime because I feel that anime and manga saved me, and made who I am today. Shows like Otaku Teacher, Gintama, GTO, Natsume Yuujinchou, March Comes Like a Lion, A Silent Voice and Doramon all contributed in helping accept myself, forgive others and stride to improve. See. Anime has and will play a big part in your life and shaping who you are. “Hands up to surrender”

I have seen a lot of anime blogs that I followed stopped updating for some reason, and I never hear from them again; is something I have seen happen to quite a number of other bloggers. They take a break and put the blog on hold or change topics for awhile because they feel they’ve hit a rut or they’ve lost their motivation and passion for anime. My senpai has a personal blog once, but he lost his motivation to review. I don’t think I will ever have to worry about it. As sensei mentioned, anime stories has helped me combat  my fears about who I am; how to be kind to others. How does that work? Well, I love stories especially stories about the human conditions. Anime helped me break out of my shell, and helped me made friends in University like @mistercrickster1 and others by talking about my passion. The stories from Natsume or March has shown me how lucky I am, and that as long as I make an effort to change myself things in my life can change.

I don’t think I will have to worry about  losing my passion to write about anime,  I don’t limit myself to a handful of genres. I’ll give pretty much anything a go as long as I have time and my money for subscription services (You can watch it on sites). Sensei, we should try to support the industry, Every season or the recommendations from the internet.  Yep, they created your black hole of a to watch list that you will never finish. These shows are new beginnings, life lessons and stories that I can find myself getting lost in.

Well crafted stories with great characters, trashy and predictable stories, stories that fall apart under the weight of too much ambition, characters that I can love, hate, feel something for, just experiencing stories. For me, stories are like a drug that me move pass the limits of my body, and have a hope of something better. I think like Karandi has put it, “I don’t think I will lose interest in writing, watching and reading these stories anytime soon”

Thank you Karandi for your post. Please have a read of her post as well at  What Happens When You Get Tired Of Anime?


9 thoughts on “A Response to 100 Word Anime post

  1. Great post. I definitely think those of us in it for the stories are less likely to lose our love for anime than people who are in it for the art or animation. And that’s probably because stories are endlessly diverse even as they tread over familiar patterns and ideas. Thanks for sharing your response.

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  2. Wow, I never thought of this before. I know I’ll never lose my love for anime. I’m into this way too deep! It’s been over 12 years of watching anime for me. If I do get tired of it though, I know I’ll watch Asian dramas. That has happened to the past. However – I always go back to anime. Sometimes breaks are necessary when we consume too much of something, but the interest will always be there. If let’s say I DO lose interest in anime, I know I’ll still continue to blog because my blog started as a diary blog. I would still be around, probably posting food or outfit posts.

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