Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari, What is a Family?

I swear, what is it with anime and hapless single guys taking care of adorable little kids? Last season it was Sweetness & Lightning, and now we’ve got Poco’s Udon World. The theme of home-cooked meals returns to some extent, but now we’ve got a shape-shifting tanuki instead of a normal human kid. Sure, why not? Let’s throw a little fantasy into the mix and see what happens. Some people didn’t like Sweetness & Lightning because of the possible student and teacher. I don’t really care. Cute is justice in my book. 

Let me get to the point, This is a simple Anime with no such special story or characters or art or plot or anything else. The only thing that great about this anime is its PURE AND CUTE SIDE. This anime really is one to make you feel relaxed after a hectic and tiring day. When life gives you a challenge, you will surely lose ( mostly speaking ) But to make your bad day into a good one this anime is here to make you smile. You might decide to run away to a foreign country, the countryside or back home. Some people might think negatively at this concept, but we all need to run away sometimes to find something we thought we had lost a long time ago. This anime is what happens when a man suddenly become a father and he rediscovered the loving family again.

The art style is great, simple, without exaggerations, and the opening has classical anime sound to it; you know those amine that came out in the 70s and 80s. I think the soft and colourful art style made the series feel warm and homely.

if you want an anime that you can just chill out and watch without having to remember lots of the story plot then definitely check out Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari. There is nothing too amazing about this show. You definitely don’t need it on your two watch list, but if you are stress then this will heal your soul.

My only negative part in this series is  the ending left me wanting more. I check up on the manga, and it does seem to be translate regularly at all, which is a shame. I will come back to this series later.


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