Bungou Stray Dogs 2, Action And Tears

maxresdefault The story of this anime is very good, as a second season. It does not fail to entertain. The first arc deals with Osamu Dazai’s backstory in the Port Mafia. Immediately the watcher may notice that there is a significant switch in tone from the first season. The series has traded in it’s more comedic style of presentation for a darker one. Honestly, I love this change especially considering that the series is dealing with Dazai’s backstory, a much darker story line.

The second arc takes the watcher back into the heat of action that was occurring in the first season. I have not much to say on this part as it is simply just very entertaining and interesting to learn more about the characters I love in the first season.

Studio Bones decided for this second season that it was time to take a dive in their budget. The animation quality is such a beautiful improvement, it’s like watching a beautiful painting constantly being made in front of my eyes.

You can SEE the improvement in their budget when it comes to their animation. A spectrum of vivid colors being brought together so beautifully. The OP and ED’s do not disappoint for this factor, either.

The OP and ED were very catchy, and they fit very well into the atmosphere this second season has. The OP of both arcs focused on the show’s action and story The symbolism in the ED between the three characters: Atsushi, Ryuunosuke, and Osamu. It heavily displays the relationship between the three, and it was difficult for me to watch as I knew I what will happen, but happy as these three experienced growth

I personally love having my heart twisted around, and this second season doesn’t hesitate at any cost in doing so. It is much more focused on the dark aspects of this stray dog world than the first season, which had a dry comedy about suicide, I didn’t understand this at first, but after looking at Dazai’s real life counter- part; I accepted it.

If you thought that the first season was somewhat emotional, you haven’t seen anything yet. This show may be the first action/shounen to make me cry, and not just a single tear as something upsetting occurs, I mean really cry. Deaths of these characters especially with the children made my eyes red. This season will flip the understanding of good and evil on its head and stabbing your heart at the same time.

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