Kuromukuro: Samurai Jack and a Robot


I wasn’t expecting much from this series as I began watching it at the time of it’s airing. But not it has became a favorite of mine.

Kuromukuro may not be the most original idea as it involves a character from a different time period being awakened to a more modern time period to his own. In this case a Samurai named “Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma”, from the Sengoku Period( Jack is that you?) waking up in the United Nations Kurobe Research Institute, summer of 2016 to save a Kawaii girl named Yukina Shirahane, who happens to look like his princess who he failed to save during his time period from the Demons, his enemy from his time period. The Demons turn out to be back this time around, and it gives him the reason to live in this time period to fight for revenge for his Princess, even if it costs him his life.

It wants to capitalize on its characters with its fictional world setting and most importantly, character relationships.

Produced by P.A. Works, it’s no surprise that the character designs look familiar. Anyone who has seen Nagi no Asukara will find a similarity with the looks especially the main female characters. P.A. Works has always been known for their exquisite background scenery and the studio once again brings their talent to the table.

Characters are somewhat intriguing, you will witness some development towards the end of the season. Their interactions are sufficiently designed. The plot isn’t a unique gem of anime history but it doesn’t need to be. After all this a light-hearted anime that will make you cool off as you watch. But that doesn’t mean the story is irrelevant, it becomes more appealing as it unravels along the way.

The additional future scenes were brilliant. There is room for a sequel, but it’s completely unnecessary. We know she’s off to reunite with Kennosuke, and that there’s a global battle for freedom, but the positive outlook by our characters is enough for me.

P.S. There was an announcement for a light novel sequel in Japan; who knows we might get a sequel season.

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