Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni; cheating With your Smartphone

Kirito On Steroids. He has op powers, black hair and a harem. Is that you Kirito-san?

If you didn’t know I have a soft spot for harem shows. I know they can be mech mech to watch, but I still love them none the less.

While there is nothing creative when it comes to repeating the same old “reincarnated in a fantasy world” storyline, what amazes me is how the writers can keep adding a little twist or two in the premise, change some cliches, change the genre a little bit, and finish packaging the derivative show as a new product. In this case, it is given our MC a smartphone on top of op powers.

After being accidentally killed by God, Mochizuki Touya finds himself reincarnated in a fantasy world. As an apology, he was granted enhanced physical abilities in this new world. In addition, God allowed access to one item of his choice. His choice? The modern teenager’s best friend, of course: The smartphone! Touya is like Kirito on steroids. While owning a smartphone already puts him at an advantage over the people who exist in this fantasy universe, his ability to use any magic spell makes him really overpowered. Like the black swordsman, the high schooler tends to be unmoved by the events around him, often failing to show any emotion or fear due to his skill setting.

Isekai wa Smartphone would be something more akin to the RPG-filled series such as Danmachi unlike Knights and Magic. You have the medieval setting, the quests, and the adventures in a colorful world with every man’s dream, a harem.  There is a very laid back atmosphere to In Another World With My Smartphone, which is a welcome change of pace. There is no end of the world scenario which needs to be stopped or demon king to fight. This is fine as relaxing show to watch. There is a actually a job that hero is doing through, building a harem and improving the world with his smart phone.

the animation and music is very generic, but still very good for this type of show.

This show does have the best point in the anime I have seen. THE GIRLS CONFESSED THEIR FUCKING LOVE to the main character. Thank you god and cupid.

Being a fan of the genre, I definitely watched this show till the end. I would not be so eager to recommend it to just anyone, though. I will check out the light novel when I get time through.


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