Izetta: The Last Witch and its music


Yes, it’s a story with a world war 2 setting where witches exist. Where the soldiers or generals of the minor Germania characters are the most villainous, devious and handsome.

When Germania starts invading their neighboring nations in their aim for global domination, Eylstadt rests on the brink of war. Being a relatively tiny nation, it is merely the stepping stone for Germania to invade the Romulus Federation, and so, Ortofiné Fredericka von Eylstadt is on her way to Britannia to spur the allied nations into taking action. She is eventually captured and put on a plane that happens to transport someone who turns to be her lost friend, Izetta; a white witch named, the last of her kind.

Izetta was Fines secret childhood friend and owes Fine her allegiance. For her love of Fine, Izetta breaks her vows of obscurity to defend her lover (yuri) and her country against the overwhelming strength of the outside invaders.

After gaining support of the allied countries such such England and the USA due to Izetta’s magic the Germania forces are defeated, but at a cost. The show ends with Izetta being treated like the nuclear bomb due to powers of magic, so she scarified herself to take out the empire and all of magic itself. Don’t worry,  we get a happy ending after all, she does show up in a very exciting finale, alive, to the episode, and I daresay that she and Finé are in for a potential yuri romance in their relationship (at least according to the ending theme’s images)

The music is the best thing about this anime, The op and ed are already great songs I listen to, but the OST make the magical environments such as the castles, skies and city come alive. I played the sound of this series again and again.

This anime looks very good. From backgrounds to character designs, Izetta is a very eyepleasing show. When it comes to the fighting scenes, they were able to turn it up even more

Overall, Izetta: The Last Witch has an original concept, but the show show falls a lot in presenting its stories to the to me its audience. I felt that that world has a lot more to offer me, but it just decides to end. It was a fun show, but it’s not one to be taken very seriously, and a lot of its war concepts have me thinking about Gundam shows, but there is less investment in them. Therefore, when it is done, you feel that you only have half the message.

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