New Game 2, Chasing Your Dreams

The shows about cute girls making games is back.  Pouring your whole soul and attention in something you love doing is the best experience that someone can have, a feeling that cannot be described by words thus New Game!! purpose is to portray that feeling through the help of our characters and story.

New Game is back better than ever with this second season, which in my opinion was a solid improvement of the first. One of the strongest points of this sequel is that it found the right balance between the cute and funny parts, and the more serious, work related moments. In the end, New Game is about these lovable girls working hard to achieve their dreams in the videogame industry, all while becoming closer to each other; growing as game makers and people. Do all this in a girls only company….. Ecchi!!!!!

New Game!! picks up its second season right as Aoba Suzukaze and her coworkers from Eagle Jump are beginning their next ambitious gaming project. A year has gone by since Aoba started working at the company, and she feels more at home there now. Eagle Jump must now determine what project they want to work on next, through a contest to decide on character designs. And with her mentor Kou Yagami competing, Aoba doesn’t believe that she has a chance. However, with Kou’s help and a little of Aoba’s characteristic determination, she is able to win the contest after all!

New Game!! brings in two new characters aspiring to join Eagle Jump. These two newcomers, Momiji Mochizuki and Tsubame Narumi, are students taking on temporary internships with the game company, while hoping to claim a permanent spot on the team. Momiji in particular butts heads with Aoba, since Kou Yagami inspired both girls to become character designers.

This series shows these two new characters, but they  are only given half of the 12 episodes their introduction this season, it is no wonder that the two newcomers seemed mostly overlooked, and their development seem very forced. There is also focus on Aoba’s friend Necchi. She joins the software team as a debugger, but soon develops an interest in program, and  changes from a empty university to chase after that dream. Some times, a change meeting can change your life.

The series also develop the inter-relationship in the workplace, sure a lot of are unrealistic, but it does get its message across.

The art is style the same ultra-colorful, ultra-bright style that could blind you if you stared at it too long. It’s generally pleasant to watch. The opening and ending is also bright and catchy with a lot of color to it.

New Game is an anime that encourages the viewers to pursue their dreams , to accept change and to improve at your crafr. Ko-san decision at the end of the series is really realistic in that she decides to leave Eagle to improve as a character design. You need to pour your blood, sweat and soul into something, and even then it might not work but you keep going anyway.

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