Soul Buster, a Chinese card game

Anime based on card games are nothing new; we have Yugioh, Buddyfight and Vanguard, but when you mix it with Chinese lore such as The Romance of the Three Kingdoms and you get an interesting take on it. I still don’t japan obsession with changing the characters in to girls and beautiful man

I hope there will be a second season as the ending left me wanting more.  This anime doesn’t follow the traditional anime format of card battles. These characters from the Three Kingdom Romance are in the form of cards but have emotions and goals of their own. The best example of this type of show is the Fate series.

Okay, let’s get the main points in a review out of the way. The opening and ending show the the dark nature of this series with its colors. I love the two songs very much. The animation is nothing great, but the fights are great and it is consistency.

Now, let talk characters, as this is important to the show saving grace. Son Shin, our main character is a high school student throw into a war because he was picked by a chibi eunuch in a dream. He is quite a knowledgeable master and has keen inside into a fight. But he still has a long way to go as a player in this tournament.

Shū Yu, I would have wanted her to be this caring familiar, but her hot and cold personality is nothing new in anime. She, liked the heroic spirits  from Fate, who have regrets about their previous lives, and seek redemption through this war game. I hope she will open up more in a sequel. I know my hopes will be dashed.

Ryō Un, another eye candy, she is the knowledgeable ally/ rival of our MC. I feel that she needs more development than just another player in the game. She needs more episodes to show off her skills.

I think there could have been a lot more to Soul Buster, if Studio Pierrot develops the show properly it could have been great but after 12 episodes. I felt that this anime was just test run for Pierrot. It was overshadowed by hows like Drifters( Hoods Entertainment Inc.) or Slice of Life anime like Fune wo Amu.

I won’t say this is a missed gem because it is not. It lacks both freshness and a proper execution that might have turned the storyline into a decent show which makes it sad for me. I enjoyed it, but to me, it is just a cheap action show to kill time.




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