Yes, Cat Ears Make You Cuter

A response to Irina’s post about the cuteness of cats.  

I am sorry for the lateness of this post, I was going to write it sooner, but things like real–life and family drama got in the way. You are being unacceptable tanteikid94, Irina has given you an opportunity to rant on about cat girls or animal girls in general, and you forgot? Shame on you!!!. 

The maneki-neko, “Cat lucky”, “Big cat”, “Cat invite guests” is a very popular statue in Japan. Usually made of ceramic or porcelain, it sculpted a short-tailed cat holding up “hands” to look like it was waving or waving to people. Maneki Neko is considered a symbol of luck, bringing good fortune to families and shops that place statues at the entrance. This belief is believed to have originated in an ancient tradition of Chinese people: “When cats put their feet up to rub their eyes, they will come to the house.” If you have a chance to visit Japan, you will see this cat image in most stores, companies or banks here.

Maneki Neko has 3 types. The left-wing cat waved a lot of customers and the cat waved its right leg, bringing luck and money. If you put both feet up, it means protecting your family or business. People also believe that the higher the foot is, the more customers, money or luck will come to the store.

In my opinion, cats girls are also lucky charms for any mc lucky to encounter them. The catgirls will spend a lot of her time grooming herself. Catgirls find their appearance very important and find the relationship between their own look and those of other catgirls very important.

Taking part in the basic rudiments of grooming their head hair and taking care of the appearance of their ears and tail. Typically in these cases, you will only have to provide your catgirl a mirror and basic grooming items: brushes, catgirl hair oils, and catgirl soaps and skin conditioners. Do these things will bring you good luck. catgirl is a remarkably neat and clean creature, but even that being the case, she will require regular bathing, and as she is a girl, there will a chance for those famous bathing or changing scenes to occur, so, please careful of your life and flying objects.

The catgirl can lonely, so it is important to give her things to do; the  best playtime she will have will be when YOU are playing with her.She will enjoy stalking and pouncing on you if you are so inclined or watching TV, or observing you in your hobbies. If you allow this be SURE to correct her if she bites while roughhousing. When she is done playing be sure to stop. Some cat-girls, from the more intelligent

She often has personality traits that conform to feline Animal Stereotypes. She might also have a Verbal Tic that imitates the sound of a cat. She might also demonstrate a Faux Paw, so be careful when dealing with these girls as you might get into hot situations. Cay girls like other animals will go in heat, so care must be taken during this period to not put you in an awkward position. It is best to have a strong female companion to keep the catgirl in check.

You have chosen a companion that will bring you years of joy, friendship and love. You might come across your catgirl through magic, science or isekai-tis. No matter the way, you must protect your catgirl.

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