Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Gaiden: Sword Oratoria/An elf girl’s yuri spinoff

This is a spin-off of Danmachi, focusing on the sword-princess, Ais and the Loki familia. We get to see a new side to Ais and see her motivation to be an adventure.

So after watching DanMachi we all wanted to see more of the sword princess and with the release of this anime, I thought here it is. The sad truth is we still haven’t really gotten to see much of her. Whatever little has been shown of Ais is not very satisfying either. I say this loosely but the truth is that the strong silent type of male characters may sometimes work but a silent warrior princess with deadpan expressions is not really working. 

The animation in this show is pretty generic, ranging from character design to monsters and ambiance. It was okay and other parts DEFINITELY have to make up for it. Onihei is a decent example for this.
If anything, the art has declined from the original, pointing at a question: Is the budget for this show lower than for the original one, maybe cause it’s a different studio?

The sound is pretty similar to the art/animation. There are no impressive OSTs, and the OP/ED are both quite bland. There is nothing wrong with character voices, the characters are just not interesting enough to really be able to call it more than decent.

it was really fun to see Ais’ perspective and to learn about where she came from and to watch her develop. She became more than that beautiful human doll I was introduced to in the first DanMachi. We get to see her goals and feelings about events from this show and the original’s.

In essence, I recommend watching this show—especially if you liked the first DanMachi. Even as a stand-alone it can be an instant drop for some people.



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