Fuuka, read the manga


I want you guys to go and read the manga if you don’t like the anime. If you love the manga, watch the anime for the songs. I made some edits to this post as there things I was not happy with.

The first thing I noted about going into this anime is how everyone apart from the main character, is a total jackass- With the few exceptions. Moreover, the main girl of the series, Fuuka, is a jackass too. Trying to create an anime centered on a romance for a girl, who was introduced to me as someone who hated everyone but herself is pointless. Why would they even think that I would care about the romance of the main characters when I despise one of them? I love them so much in the manga only to hate them here. Very annoying.

This is pretty much how the whole “romance” here is constructed, with the worst clichés from dozens of other anime shows as well as non-anime romantic films, though the requisite nudity is here mostly supplied by Yuu’s three sisters, who he’s living with, and who seem to typically hang around the house in their underwear and/or towels. (Later Hibiki, apparently the second oldest of the sisters (two of them are older than he) manages the ultimate combination- panties along with a towel strategically draped across her shoulders so that her nipples are covered and not much else,.

Fuuka’s rock band, called The Fallen Moon, includes, besides Fuuka and Yuu, a guy named Makoto Mikasa, a very handsome fellow who is gay and NOT a stereotype, which is pretty refreshing; one Kazuya Nachi, who was originally trying to lure Fuuka onto the track team and instead ended up getting shanghaied into her band; and a girl named Sara Iwami, who Yuu both did, and did not, know- he had been “tweeting” her under her Twitter moniker, “The Admiral”, and had no idea that “The Admiral” was even a she.

When she was introduced I thought we were going for a quadrangle rather than a triangle – she DID act pretty jealous for a while- but no, it eventually boiled down to Yuu, Fuuka, and Koyuki, the latter of whom I’ll describe in more detail later. Sara’s brother Hisashi, who’s tried to encourage and help her in her musical career, was a member of a band called Hedgehogs, and Fuuka’s band covers their song “Climber’s High” a lot- which by a strange coincidence is also the opening song of the show- the show gets a LOT of mileage out of that song.

For a show about a rock band, there did not, in fact, seem to be that many songs here, and often there was a certain sameness to them (a song introduced near the end of the show had almost the same opening as “Climber’s High”), and it seems like the band can’t really write a “hook” to save their lives, though I didn’t hate the closing song that much, and I actually LIKED the melancholy one that ended Episode #6. (The songs in the show seem to have mostly been performed by a group called West Ground.)

Koyuki Hinashi is Yuu’s childhood friend and a popular singer. Following an incident where she and Yuu are seen in public together, she confesses her love for him on national television. I hated her at the start because childhood friend cliches, she has secretly harbored feelings for Yuu all these years. However, she only decided to confess after being threatened by Fuuka.  I started taking a liking in her after the break-up as she focused on her career. If you read  A Town Where You Live like me, then I was expecting Koyuki to jump at Yuu after Fuuka’s passing;, es, she still gets jealous when she sees Yuu again with Aoi and other girls, but she is a mature a A-list musician at this point. I really want her to find someone as well. It is great to see her again in Hitman.

If you’re looking for the next BIG romance story that’s going to shake the anime world to its core… well, Fuuka’s certainly not that, it is more than that. Well at least in the manga; it is a story about chasing dreams, forgiveness and accepting lost.

I love the manga, but I feel that changing Fuuka’s death makes the series happier. It does take away the character development we see in Yuu and the other band members after Fuuka’s death. It also takes away the introduction of Aoi Fuuka. Yuu, in the anime, now can never become the same musician he is in the manga. The anime has lost this. I also don’t think OG Fuuka holds a candle to Aoi because her life was cut short. The anime made her into an annoying MC rather than an INSPIRATION she was met to be.


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