Ko-fi page

I have decided to start my own Kofi page for this blog. I was deciding between this and patreon, and this won in the end because the Blaztavern is just a place for me and the other writters to talk about our hobbies, it is not something I do for profit.

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Tiger Mask W, Reliving my old love for Wrestling


Two men fighting. A setup that drives countless fictional stories, and one which Tiger Mask W delivers in spades. I used to watch WWE in the past with my little brother, so I really enjoy seeing this again. The ROCK, JOHN CENA, KANE, AND THE UNDERTAKER.   Continue reading

Kyoukai no Rinne 2nd Season, Poor Exorcist struggles

Picking off from Season 1, season 2 is virtually the exact same story concept involving a half shinigami boy who survives off of literal pocket change and his cool and collected female classmate,  Sakura, dealing with various events and happenings involving the real world and the afterlife. There are new characters introduced in the form of Renge and Matsugo, as well as the two kuroneko contractors of Kain and Ageha, Oboro and Suzu respectively.  Continue reading