Kyoukai no Rinne 2nd Season, Poor Exorcist struggles

Picking off from Season 1, season 2 is virtually the exact same story concept involving a half shinigami boy who survives off of literal pocket change and his cool and collected female classmate,  Sakura, dealing with various events and happenings involving the real world and the afterlife. There are new characters introduced in the form of Renge and Matsugo, as well as the two kuroneko contractors of Kain and Ageha, Oboro and Suzu respectively. 

Rinne’s story is as basic as stories can go. The entire 25 episode run time is more or less a mix of episodic running gags that involve classic story writing like misunderstandings, getting in peoples’ way to stop them from doing what you don’t like, and the classic Rinne standard of poking fun at one high school boy’s poverty and how hilarious the concept of not knowing when you’ll get your next meal is. Really, though, that’s about all I can say.  Similar to Rumiko Takahashi’s other works like Ramma 1/2 and Inuyasha the concept of the love pentagon or hexagon for our hero Rinnie and heroine Sakura, I am not sure at this point, is expanding.  and the explosive, fists, scythes that goes with this.

Sakura is different to Rumiko other heroines that I have seen, she rarely over react with jealousy over Rinne and usually has a deadpan reaction to the idiocy of the other characters. This I don’t know how to feel about because on this is very different to the other Takahashi’s heroines I feel that this change leaves out the over the top reactions we are used to see in Takahashi work which makes it less annoying,  but it does remove a lot of the chances for humor. It also means that their romance, and there are some feelings between them; those feeling are moving at a slug’s pace. Well, it has moved from the starting line in season 1. Sakura does pity Rinne , and lends him money through and goes with him to help him with to help with shinegami work. It took another 25 episodes for her to admit her feelings  in the series last episode; it concluded storyline with an even stronger focus on Rinne-kun and Mamiya Sakura.  This was probably as close as we’ve ever seen to a “serious” exploration of their relationship

Again, Brain Base did a good job in term of art and animation, Takahashi, work tends to to be long running series, even if this as good as her older works, so I think the animation quality is consistence, and Brain Base does do their best to make the episodic nature of the show to show a sense of progression. The season ending is so effortlessly and in breezily enjoyable.

Music in the opening and ending are colorful and catchy. you feel a sense of wonder separating the human world and soul society.  If there were ever an ED sequence which perfectly captured the mood and spirit of a show it would be “Beautiful Life” – silly and upbeat and chipper.

It’s interesting to speculate on why we’re getting more episodes of Kyoukai no Rinne when even a second season might have seemed a surprise and even more so a third season soon. I think there is the author brand name and it is just a series that could be made just for the fun of it.

I enjoyed this show and I hope more people will too. It is good for gag series and relaxation series. This show showcase the best ability of Studio Brain Base ability to make this mess of a gag manga series into a hilarious 4th wall anime. I will be watching the third season too. I don’t know when  I will review it through.

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