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I have decided to start my own Kofi page for this blog. I was deciding between this and patreon, and this won in the end because the Blaztavern is just a place for me and the other writters to talk about our hobbies, it is not something I do for profit.

I think my thinking is similar to Irina. Her post on the “Why” she blogs is for connecting with others. I really like this statement because it fits with my feelings as well. At first, I wanted to make a Youtube to discuss anime and manga with my friends, but nornw of them wanted to do it. My senpai suggest that I did a blog, and it was the start of everything.

I was very obsessive with the views and the likes of this blog at the beginning, and I was usually stress out when I look at the view count and see no progress. Well tanteikid94, is a baka more than anything, that is why you need me. It is like Saitama needs Genos. No, sensei you are just a stand and fragment of my imagination. Baka, die. You wont get as many views of you are without me. I am like Suhbaru from Gintama. I am your mascot. So worship me. You spoiled cat…

Matt’s pic

Getting Everything changed, when I visited Mattew from Matt-in-the Hat, I commented on of his post, and he reply. This process was repeating, and I really enjoy our interactions. I was talking to someone else about my hobbies like never before. I started looking for other blogger like to talk to. I found Karandi, Irina, Scott and Daiyamanga. I realised these interactions were fun and meant Za Warudo to me, or the world to the un-baptised by JoJo. I have since found many more amazing bloggers that I can’t name here, but please check their sites and my blog-roll

I think I wanted to connect with others, and I started to learn lot about what it means to be an anime blogger, and I understand how kind and caring this community is, and how lucky I am to be part of it. Creating the Ko-fi page is part of the process to motivate myself to write more regularly and work with sensei to improve our content.

Thank you everyone for your support, and I wish to contine my otaku journey with all of you. I would like to thank Scott, Matt, Karandi, and Arthifis for their help with the Kofi-button.

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