Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation, watch this before season 3

After my initial review of the prequel movie, I finally found that to watch the third season of this amazing show. The first few episodes retell the events of the movie with better animation and pacing. 

All sports anime reach this point, where after the intensive and downright dangerous “inter-high” competition ends where the main team either becomes the champion or lost. The third years need to retire, and the team must be trained from scratch. Shohoku has become the champions, unlike Diamond No Ace’s team. This comes with the pressure to become even stronger to defend their title. Onoda is still the fidgeting and scares Otaku. But he still realises the need to become stronger for his team and his kouhai.

Naruko is training to become an all-rounder and Imaizumi takes on the role of the new ace. Like a team that fights with all members to grasp victory. All six members will pull each other to the finish line. Aoyagi and Teshima have become the brains and soul of the group even if they don’t have special talents.

The past kings Hakanone also have become stronger with 4 new climbers, sprinter and an all-rounder that also look as strong as hell. Are they seriously- high-school students? What the hell do people feed the kids? Watching their close head to head races makes you sweat. This anime teaches you that even if you are different as long as you have something you want to win. You need to pedal to the finish line; no matter what happens. Every character is given time to develop in their race. They struggle and grow during the race.

This anime has all the specials moves that make up a sports anime that is almost inhuman, but fun in itself. It is difficult to even guess who would take the crowd at this season’s inter-high and the fact that that there is a season 4 announced, it must be that we can look forward to intensive battles at inter-high.

Yowamushi Pedal is like a little push on your back which tells you to think about your aims in life. About what you’ve got to do to achieve something. Maybe, it’s only my case.
Watching Shohoku’s ride makes me a bit envy, you know. It’s inspirational.


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