Cowboy Bebop Essay

You are assigned to review a film or television show for your writing course. It should be short, formal, academic, and objective: 150-250 words. You may pick any television show or movie you have seen recently.

Cowboy Bebop is more than anime or a piece of entertainment. It is a piece of art that was ahead of its time and that has become one of the most well-known space anime. All of the 26 episodes of Cowboy Bebop exemplify collaboration between the artwork, music, plot, and character that best play off one another, establishing subtle but consistent series-long themes and arcs.

The series, set in 2071, follows the lives of two bounty hunters — Spike Spiegel and Jet Black — who travel through the solar system on a spaceship named Bebop (a reference to the proclivity of bebop jazz in the show’s soundtrack). These two bounty hunters both have murky pasts that haunt them whether as flashbacks or actual confrontation within the episodes. Bebop is a love-child of many genres, sci-fi, mystery, psychological thriller, comedy, noir, that create an amazing piece of art. The show has three distinct backgrounds that it used to tell its story: such as the Jazz Age, modern Japan, and the American Old West.

The most memorable thing about Bebop is its jazz theme song, which was composed by artist Yoko Kanno, who wrote predominantly jazz and blues pieces for the series. Kano had a lot of freedom with the music she wrote, so the show’s episodes are made using the music as the base.

Rewrite the same review, but make it humorous and informal. You are writing for your classmates, not your instructor.

Are you facing a criminal problem that you can’t solve? Call on the dependable Bebop run by Spike and Jet. They will help you chase down any criminal for money.

Spike is Bruce Lee with both coat and pants that used to work for the mob. Jet is a wash-up cop that is barely holding their ship, the Bebop, together. But don’t be fool by their initial appearances. They are one of the best bounty hunters in this space colony.

Are you a fan of jazz music, cowboys and Star Wars? Well, then my friends, the crew of the Bebop has your back with 26 episodes of action, adventure and fun through space. Each episode follows our friends as they chase down a particular bounty. There will be awesome fights, gun-duels and damsels to save.

Finally, choose a new tone for your review. For example, if your original is happy and cheerful, change it to a review that sounds sad and pessimistic.

The year is 2071, even if humanity has made incredible progress with space travel, but then it has to deal with a huge burden of crimes and criminals due to the large number of planets that have been colonized. There is no way the police force has enough manpower to deal with this crisis. Therefore, the world government decided to use the power of money to encourage bounty hunters to bring in criminals. Ladies and gentlemen, we have returned to the age of the Wild West of American, where the man with the bigger gun and the better skills are kings and queens. Murders, kidnappings, slavery and all sort of human evil run unchecked. Drugs lords and gangsters are rulers of not cities or counties, but planets.

The show follows two semi-successful bounty hunters: Spike Spiegel and Jet Black. These two are not shiny heroes but men with murky pasts looking for their next paycheck on their ship the Bebop. The show follows these two men as they take on the filth this “advanced society”. Prepare to witness a dystopian future built on human greed and capitalism through 26 episodes.

After you complete your activity, write a paragraph about how difficult or easy you found this assignment. I really enjoy writing an academic review of my favourite anime. The most difficult aspect for me is changing the tone of my writing. initially, I have trouble with understanding the tone of a piece of writing this exercise is a big help.

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  1. I like the format, offering different approaches so as to create one well-rounded review. So, was this an actual assignment, or just a very clever (and successful) ploy?

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