Kimi Na Wa or Your Name

Shinkai returned to his favourite theme of longing and separation as he brought us Your Name. Your Name is a vehicle that transports us the viewers into a world of magic through scenes of nature, astral magic and Mother Nature’s disasters. These uses of bright colours, camera work and sound would put many live-action blockbusters to shame, while there is almost hallucinogenic effects in the movie’s environmental scenes will move us to tears.

There was a mixing of male and female, town and city, science and superstition, the past and present. All these contrasts were placed side by side to explore the elements of time and fate, but what is truly get the emotions flowing was when Kataware Doki started playing. The heart of the story is the mystery of night meeting day; the old colliding with the new. The flow of time in Your Name is blurred, where does it begin and where does it end? This was in the background to the coming of age love story comedy of two body-swapping teens.

With all of this complexity, there was a lot of funning moments as well. A running theme of the show was Taki being caught fondling “his” breasts while in the middle of the body swap, to the teasing of Taki’s co-worker Ms Okudera, who seems more attracted to the transposed Mitsuha than to any awkward boy. The developing romance between the two leads is adorable and there is a clear progression of the red- the thread of fate between them seen at the beginning of the movie.

“Treasure the experience,” Mitsuha’s grandmother mentioned like all wise anime characters. “Dreams fade away after you wake up.” This movie is a wonder that we got to live through even after the light , sounds and the words “KImi Niwa” was at last uttered.

So You wrote an entire post about one of the best anime movie of all time without my input? Sensei hates you!!!!. Calm down sensei, this was just written on a rando moment. I did not think I would have enough for post. Please don’t be upset.

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