Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka? Cute girls at the end of the world

What will you do if you are the only human left on earth because of our race stupidity? You are tasked with raising a bunch of girls to their death as weapons to defend civilization. Yes, Black Bullet  feels incoming.

What is the story? Putting his life on the line, Willem Kmetsch leaves his loved ones behind and sets out to battle the “Beasts,” terrifying creatures that have emerged on the Earth’s surface and now threaten humanity’s existence. In battle, he falls into an icy slumber and upon awakening 500 years later, finds himself to be the sole survivor of mankind’s annihilation.

Together with the other surviving races, Willem takes refuge on the floating islands in the sky, living in fear of the Beasts below. He lives a life of loneliness and only does odd jobs to get by. One day, he is tasked with being a weapon storehouse caretaker. Thinking nothing of it, Willem accepts, but he soon realizes that these weapons are actually a group of young Leprechauns. Though they bear every resemblance to humans, they have no regard for their own lives, identifying themselves as mere weapons of war. Among them is Chtholly Nota Seniorious, who is more than willing to sacrifice herself if it means defeating the Beasts and ensuring peace.
Right off the bat, I can say that SukaSuka’s characters are quite mysterious. Chtholly has a peculiar past that is explored throughout the show. Willem also has a past that I can say it’s too pleasant to remember. Then, there are the Leprechauns. The show creates an eerie feel as it blends them with childhood innocence and unsettling fear. It’s through revelations that Willem realizes what they really are and their roles in this series. You can see a lot of similar themes in this show to Black Bullet.

Themes of the show? World ending anime and T.V shows have tended to be quite dark as they push the morals standards in order to live in such a dangerous world. The thing about this show that throws me off was the cuteness and innocent of the Leprechauns. in this dark world. They still have hope, get hurt, fall in love, cried while still fighting for us.The show’s pacing and characters’ development was really good and didn’t feel rushed. I still conflicted about forcing artificial girls to clean up our mess, but these are the sins of humanity.

Animation and Art? Taking a look at the animation, I have to admit that SukaSuka captured the atmospheric setting right along with its world fiction. Essentially, the atmospheric setting brings a spiritual feel. The character designs also have variety with the wide range of different hairstyles and colors; with a credible reason too beyond just being decorative especially for the Leprechauns.

In Conclusion
What an incredibly heartfelt and gorgeous series this was. The amount of love put into this project is palpable on all accounts and, thanks to one of the most well-written female characters in years, the mark that WorldEnd leaves will be a lasting one after you shed tons of tears.

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