Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!! More Magical girl action


So if you have been reading my blog for a long time, you know that I am a big Fate fan, so of course I will be reviewing the third season of this spin-off series about magical girls collecting cards.

This doesn’t look like Fate/Stay Night through?  Oh, you guys are talking about the fate there are magical loli girls, instead of the usual men and women fighting in  a holy grail war? Well, I did say this was a spin-off and the third season. This series in set in an alternative where the fifth war never happen, and you need to watch the other seasons before this one. Warning, this is the darkest season yet, and this post is a huge fan biased.

So What is this?After all 8 cards have finally been gathered, disturbances start happening in the mountain where the battle with Gilgamesh Jr. took place, with parts of the land completely disappearing and getting replaced with others. Alerted by this, Illya and crew go up there to investigate, only for two mysterious intruders to appear. These two women are using the same install power that Miyu has been using for the saber, and with it quickly fend off both Illya and Bazzett, while kidnapping Miyu. Trying to run after them, Illya gets wrapped in a parallel world, where the city she lives in has been abandoned and the Ainsworth family rules everything through their install abilities.

How has the art and animation change? The art has improve a lot for this season compare to previous seasons in terms of the fights and the magic sequences as a reflection of the change in tone from the series’ focus on  fluffy slice of life to more serious magical girl fare. By far the most interesting battle mechanic in the series, “install” is utilised to its fullest. Very much like main route Fate series, creativity and  using the strengths and weaknesses of which servants to “install” decides the match.  the animation and sound  is not Ufotable tier, but you won’t find many magical girl anime this side of Madoka Magica that feature such dynamic battles.

New characters and the villains, villains and villains. we’re introduced to Tanaka, a childlike amnesiac who’s essentially this season’s form of comic relief, and she filled the role left void by Illya’s school friends quite nicely. At one point, she even kisses Illya, so had they met, I’m sure Mimi would’ve welcomed her as a friend. Shota Gilgamesh, like Barret before him joined the Miyu search team to take back his powers. A show’s characters’ need to written with great heroes, but what makes or breaks a show are its villains. We didn’t have a big bad in the other season, but we do now. Intimidating villains that are crueller than anything we’ve seen in the series so far.
Angelica, Beatrice, Darius, Julian, and Erika definitely added some more excitement into the mix. I thought Beatrice was a particularly annoying foe, while on the opposite side of the spectrum, Erika was so damn cute to watch.

Warning, Biased Fanboy Time The fights between the characters are awesome, and my boi archer/Shiro is finally part of the action; Trace on.  It is time for two fakers to fight the True Queen of heroes. in this case .

What are the main part hooks of the show? Lolis and yuri action is low this season with only one kiss from Kuro and Illya and then  Illya’s relationship with Miyu is what ends up driving the yuri rating here.  Throughout the season, it’s easy to see how much Miyu means to Illya (and vice versa), I think rather than pure yuri,  I think the show is going toward a bi relationship

With more action, more drama, and more feels, it feels like Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!! is what the series should’ve been like all along.

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