Haikyuu!!: Karasuno Koukou VS Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou Epic Fight Starts

Haikyuu!! Karasuno Koukou VS Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou

So the final match before the inter-high is here,  Karasuno Koukou VS Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou or a eagle V.S crows.  I was a little disappointed that there were only 10 episodes for this season.  However, the show made for this by filling up the all 10 with so much action and suspense that made me glue my eyes to the volleyball and trying so hard not to blink in case I missed a motion that decides the match.

What is this show? Wait, you have never seen Haikyuu… OKay, what you need to do is stop reading this; go on crunchyroll and watch the first two seasons. I know some people think that sport stories are cliches, but you need to what this show anyway for the amazing animation, characters, and humour

So, is you heard that this season is not as good as the first two seasons, so what is so good about it? True, there isn’t much in the way of story this season, due mostly to its shorter run time. Being in a 5 set match is unfamiliar territory for our favorite Karasuno team, which begins to show as the series progresses. Exhaustion starts to become a factor, and for the first time in all three seasons of this series. I can’t  remember in Haikyuu, that the Karasuo players became so tire mentally and physically, but this gave them the opportunity to show all the fruits or their training camp and the insight and experience the players

So what is so good about a short 10 episodes series that only focus on 1- 5 set match? Obviously, the action, action and more action. Unlike the first two season there are not much character development or subplots around the team. Every second is spent on the players and whether the ball will land on the ground or not.

Okay, tell us about the match then. Will do sirs/ladies Highlight number 1, with a score of 20-19 in favor of Karasuno, the fifth set is heating up. Hinata is the server and Karasuno is betting on the ability of the blockers to stop the opposing team from earning a point. Tsukishima is able to block it off, gaining a chance ball for the Karasuno team. Out of the chance ball, Hinata pulls off a back attack that bounces off the blocker, but Ushijima saves it. Karasuno activates its trap card against Ushijima that involves Asahi, Daichi, and Tsukishima blocking his straight spike. Though Ushijima is in bad form while doing the spike, he is still able to get the ball through. In that long rally, Karasuno does a five-player synchro attack. Just like crows soaring through the sky, the five players jump to hit the ball Kageyama sets up. That successfully earns them a score!The beginning of the episode makes you hold your breath from excitement and anticipation. Just imagine the ball going over the net: you think that the rally is over, and that one team gains the point, but then a super receive happens. This incorporates an important aspect of playing sports, making the characters that much more relatable to someone who’s been there. We also see a culmination of the variety of new skills Karasuno’s players have been practicing come to fruition when they matter the most. Whether from Nishinora’s jump-setting or Tsukishima’s read-blocking, each player plays a pivotal role in turning the tides at one or more points during the match.

Highlight number 2, the slpendid outcome that was the upset, when the ball Hinata spiked lands on Shiratorizawa’s side of the court, I finally felt relief gushing through me. Karasuno adds another point to their score. Of course, that also means that the seesaw of match points is finally over! It is a splendid upset for Karasuno.

The ones who first shed buckets of tears are the third years – Daichi, Sugawara, and Asahi. Even the manager, Kiyoko, cries tears of joy. After all, them winning that last point of the match is equal to the realization of the third year players’ dream of being able to reach the Nationals!

Highlight number 3, the sound of clapping resounds in the gymnasium as the Karasuno team thanks their supporters, anti-paralleling the downcast look of shock from The Shiratorizawa’s supporters; Karasuno’s vice principal is crying. Others are congratulating the boys for the amazing win.

Highlight number 4, The barbecue at the diner, another sport cliche, but it serves as a contrasting to the meal Karasuno had after their loss to Aoba Jousai during the Inter High. Back then, they had to swallow their tear-stained food due to the frustration of losing. Now, they have a more festive mood while eating despite some of them not having the strength to eat. The celebratory meal right after the game with Shiratorizawa is definitely a complete 180 degrees turn.

Thank you for reading.


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