Omae Umasou da na, Cute Dinosaurs making a family

Omae Umasou da na

This movie was a lot better than I expected. What I originally thought was a low budget movie with a generic plot was actually a beautiful, enjoyable tale that made me cry. It’s a story about family, about growing up, and being who you are, regardless of what other people may tell you.

Okay, So what is the movie about? This share a lot of similarity with Tarzan, but while Tarzan is about a human boy raised by apes; Omae Umasou da na is about a meat eater dinosaur raised by herbivores and then he in term became a surrogate father to another herbivore himself. The story focuses on a T-rex named Heart. At the beginning of the movie an egg drifts down the river, a plant eater(Completely blanking on the species) finds this egg and decides to take it as it’s own along with her own eggs. After a dinosaur attack, all that remains of her eggs are just one of her own eggs and the one with Heart in it. After the eggs hatch, the herd tells the mother to abandon the egg due to it being a meat eater, the mother decides to split off from the herd and raise the two children in solitude. In order to control Heart’s meat eating nature, the mother has him eat red berries as a substitute. This plan works decently but Heart still has his cravings for meat. 

Is this Japaneses’ Jurassic Park? No… It is not Jurassic World either. There are no humans. So no Dinosaurs causing mayhem to humans and destroying a park? No, will you let me finish? Sorry, please continue. Right, where was I, oh yeah, while Heart and his brother Light go out berry hunting, Heart decides to head off in his own direction. Heart then meets a herd of Big Jaws with their leader being a one eyes big jaw named appropriately “One Eyed Baku.” Is this Heart real Dad? Have you seen this movie then? No, lucky guess.

While the herd is taking in their game from their hunt; Heart flees at the sight of them eating the flesh of their catch, Baku then questions him on why he is here and what is he doing. After answering his questions and scurrying off, one of the herd breaks off to track Heart. Time for Drama and blood!!! What is that meat-eater’s name? Doma


 When Heart returns to Light the herd, Doma attacks Light and questions Heart’s relationship to a plant eater. Doma laughs at the idea of the two being brothers and tempts Heart with the taste of meat and tells him that he is a Big Jaw .Which Heart denies due to being raised as a plant eater. Seriously, look into the mirror Heart. I don’t think dinosaurs can make mirrors, but can use a river instead. Smart-ass.

They scuffle with Heart ripping off Doma’s tail and Heart begins to question his taste of meat and what he really is. That’s part 1 of the story, then we get a time-skip.

Part 2: This will be the only movie, you get to see martial arts Dinosaur and him doing push-up with one finger. Well, finally, something interesting.

A stronger grown up Heart travels by himself after breaking off from the herd has taken his taste of meat with pride. Hunting other dinosaurs and eating his flesh, he soon sees a tiny egg on the ground. Heart approaches it to find a baby ankylosaurus or Hard Shell is the term they used in the movie, who believes Heart is his father. These guys have really bad naming sense. It is a kid movie, cut them some slack.

Heart in his meat phase calls the baby Umasou (Which means something along the lines of delicious in Japanese) (Well, that escalated quickly) as to which the baby think that is his name. Sin Counter for naming sense. Umasou now follows Heart believing that he is his father and wants to become strong like him.

Unable to come back with a retort while Umasou cuddles up to him, Heart is totally smitten and convinces himself that he can eat the baby when it gets bigger. The anime follows their time heart-warming times together, until Heart decides that Umasou is better off with his own kind, other Ankylosaurus. They separate but Umasou stumbles upon the same carnivores that crushed Heart’s world before the time skip.   Heart comes to the rescue, and ends up staying with Umasou after all. Hero Kung-fu Time.

Arc 3,

The next part is based on the second book in the series, although personally I don’t think it fits the plot as well as the first two arcs. In this arc, Heart befriends an Elasmosaurus and nothing happens. Umasou is basically a cameo in this arc, although it looks like the Elasmosaurus has a thing for Heart. How can you say nothing happen? We have inter-racial relationship here. 


The last arc is separate from the picture books, and reveals Heart’s true father. I’ll say less about this arc since I don’t want to spoil the obvious confrontation scene and overarching bigger problem that the protagonist will have to deal with

The art is very colorful. Landscapes are painted to match the areas, my favourite being the vast deserts covered with sands with animal bones being scattered all across, with patches of grass randomly in it. Character designs are well, the dinosaurs are all adorable (even the scary ones). You and your cute things addiction.

Surprisingly, the cuteness isn’t overdone either as you can think of the real life dinosaur models

I loved the first insert, it was hot-blooded and fun, and is perfect music to listen to while doing kung fu moves. I loved the repeated Big Jaws nursery song (sung by multiple characters and also as an insert). I loved the ED theme, it was a very relaxed song.  Don’t talk too much about music, Tone Deaf San

A heartwarming movie to watch, either by yourself or with others. Like with me? You are not real.. So is your waifu

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